Proposal Concierge Services

Every girl dreams of the day the perfect man, the love of her life, will propose to her.  Every man dreams of making the perfect woman, the love of his life, his wife.  Such a moment deserves every bit of heartfelt attention.  Such a moment deserves to be remembered and shared forever.

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Creating The Moment Of A Lifetime

Asking for anyone's hand in marriage is the most nerve-wracking and vulnerable moment in a person's life.  

How do I ask?

What should I say?

How am I going to make sure we remember this moment?

How am I going to keep this a secret from their friends and family?

The good news, you are no longer alone.  

At Kristy Elizabeth Design, we specialize in making your proposal a perfect reality.  We remove an unnecessary element of stress by helping you devise a plan completely tailored to you and yours, but with a woman's touch and feel.  

And with that, we execute the plan flawlessly.  

The proposal is where two people agree to spend the rest of their lives together.

The wedding seals the deal, but the proposal is where the deal is made.

But it doesn't end there.  Words are forgotten and memories fade.  Facts of life that are a testament to why such a pivotal moment needs to be preserved.  Let Kristy Elizabeth Design give you an opportunity to capture those heartfelt words and priceless memories for a lifetime.  If you can't look back and reminisce over beautifully crafted details, then what was it all for?

This day is meant to be enjoyed and looked back on with pride.

Don't let your moment be lost.

Video Credit: Dennis R. Gates II